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Non Volare via – Sara Rattaro – si legge in un giorno, piacevole, molto italiano. temi: sordita’, fedelta’, amori giovanili.

Un uso qualunque di te – Sara Rattaro – anche questo si legge in un giorno, ancora la fedelta’, anzi l’infedelta’ e la famiglia, ma l’idea che non vi rivelo e’ originale.

La mia Londra – Simonetta Agnello Hornby – l’idea di raccontare un argomento, in questo caso Londra, attraverso la propria biografia mi e’ caro. Pero’ non conosco abbastanza Londra per appassionarmi a questo libro. Non l’ho finito, lo consiglio a chi conosce a ama Londra piu’ di me.

The Nightingale – Kristin Hannah – I read it on Kindle and listened on Audible. Listening is tough at the beginning. Reading is ok, I cannot say that I love this book but I did not give up and afterwards I started to enjoy. It is about World War two in France. The idea that the reader does not know who is the old woman who comes back to France is good. Infact of the three possible women I was not thinking of the correct one. I cannot reveal it here. The author has done good research but still the book is too American for me who have listed to stories about the second war narrated by grand parents and grand aunt and even my mother.

All of Us and Everything: A Novel – Bridget Asher –  first started on Audible but I could not follow. I bought on Kindle and I do not like either. I have read all by jumping a bit. Too american for my taste.

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