Survey IDI: IT Professionals Development @iktnorge @Abelia_NHO @ntnu

Link to Survey

As you know IDI’s major goal is to educate highly competent graduates at a bachelor and master level for IT businesses. To do so, IDI wants to always improve the communication channel with IT businesses and assess your needs.

Towards this direction we have designed a survey to investigate the skills IDI graduates must have to be successful in the industry. Specifically, we aim to understand the extent to which IDI’s graduates are equipped with the skills needed in each particular industry.

In order to be able to proceed with this investigation we would like to ask for your valuable contribution. You are kindly requested to fill this survey as well as to forward it to your employees who have any direct or indirect collaboration with IDI graduates.

Here is the link again:

The estimated completion time of the survey is 15 minutes; you contribution is appreciated.

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