#reading #fusjon how do we translate “fag” and “disiplin”?

I read Karitas as paper book that I borrow from one of my nabour. I listen to Vita by Milena Mazzucco on audible in Italian, fantastic. I also read carefully the documents of NTNU’s merge. I struggle to translate into English and Italian and into my mind the Norwegian notion of “fag” and “disiplin”. I asked one of the few professors at IDI today, he did not have an answer either.

And is computer science a “fag” or a “disiplin”? May be both. Help!

One thought on “#reading #fusjon how do we translate “fag” and “disiplin”?”

  1. The word “fag” is commonly translated as “subject”. Another important sense of that word is occupation, craft, profession.

    I believe “disiplin” must keep the same sense/senses in Norwegian as “discipline” does in English:
    Merriam-Webster definition 3 is “a field of study” and definition 6 is “a rule or system of rules governing conduct or activity”. It is derived from “Latin disciplina teaching, learning, from discipulus pupil”

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