reading @jojomoyes @MrDavidNicholls #Sigrid #Undset


I am reading both Jenny and The Last Letter of your Lover.

I must admit I am a bit confused, this is a disadvantage of kindle that you have too many books you can switch between.

Moreover, The Last letter reminds me of What Alice Forgot. I mix

  • Liane Moriarty (read What Alice forgot) –
  • Jojo Moyes (read Me before you) – Me before you very good.
  • David Nicholls (read About Us, One day) – One day very good.

So those who ask me “how do you manage to read so many books?” I am struggling a bit and I am not up to date with reviews either.

Concerning Jenny, each Norwegian travelling to Italy should read it. Still relevant. I am so proud I manage to read Undset, it took me 26 years. I remember I tried to read Undset and Hamsun’s Pan in late 80’s and it was like Arabic for me. So there is hope for everybody to learn languages.

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