sick today #nxtmediaconference #nfr #ikt2025 #idi

My diary
it is a tradition in my family and not only to always go to school, training, and work, but yesterday evening I had to give up my training and today I am staying at home since I in fact had temperature and almost no energy yesterday.

yesterday I participated to a big official work event, press was present, I do not want to write what it was, waiting for more official information to come, but I can say that I felt so happy, proud of one of IDI’s employee who was the focus person, overwhelmed by the amount of information, that I busted into tears and the managing director had to go out and collect handkerchiefs for me. Or may be I already had 39 Temperature as I had when I came home in the evening. Those who have been in school with me will think this is normal that I just cry like the women in Almodovar’s Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, but I am now 49.5 years old, and press and photographers were there, and we are in Scandinavia not in the South. Anyway, there are only tears. One could do worst mistakes. Third time I cry as department head in 15 months.

Today I am at home and I will try not to work. I have the big dilemma if I should register for (both 12/11)
1. nxtmediaconference – this is very much related to ICEC2015
2. The Research Council organizes Startskudd for ny tiårig IKT-satsing – and this is very much in the core of what we do

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