me before you

It has been a lovely sunny weekend, time for meeting friends, running, swimming and cooking, but what I have enjoyed most is reading (and crying) Me before you by Moyes, Jojo.

I am so impressed that somebody dares and manages to write of the important topics (life, death, love, family, richness, education and even euthanasia) like in a Greek tragedy in such a light and contemporary language.

We meet the two main characters Lou Clark and Will Traynor as two individuals that are far away from each other as it is possible to be. Lou does not have money, job or education. She does not even have a bedroom and she sleeps in a box. Will owns everything he wants and does everything he wants to do until the day he becomes a quadriplegic. Like in an ancient classic drama, everything happens around a castle. We meet a lot of interesting characters and challenges. There is no happy ending, but “mors tua vita mea”, these are the best six months of the life of both, as the two tell each other in the end. I highly recommend this book.

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