Love IT & Students – a small step toward the vision Hackerspace

Photos @Kai

On Tuesday 18th of March the opening of Hackerspace NTNU took place. The official opening was done by our Head of Department, Letizia Jaccheri.

Hackerspace NTNU is pilot project where computer science and informatics students get access to new technologies like 3D printers, 3D scanners, Arduinos, Rasberry Pis, LEGO Mindstorm, Oculus Rift, Makey Makey and more.

The students can come to Drivhuset on campus to play with the different technologies and thus earn practical experience with these technologies. The idea is to expand the list of gear based on the interests of the students who use Hackerspace.

Hackerspace will be open to students on a regular basis. The pilot project is done in cooperation with Abakusand Online. The department supplies the technology, and Abakus’ and Online’s members run Hackerspace NTNU and keeps it open to our students.

Our students Tri M. Nguyen and Ole Jørgen Seeland first got the idea of creating Hackerspace. They have played key roles in making it happen. Head of Department, Letizia, said this is an excellent example of listening to our students and giving them what they want.

Learn more about Hackerspace NTNU:


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