Special 8.03 this year in Norway since there are 100 years since women have vote rights. According to my friend Laura Giarre’ in Italy first time in 1946, but in Tuscany (at the time Grand Duchy of Tuscany, where we come from) women could vote since 1848. But only “rich” women. I want to mention that my grandgrandmother Maria Pia Castelli Jaccheri (born 1878 in Barga) studied at the University in Nice. So we Italians are, as usually in a way in advance and in a behind.

Thanks also to my grandmother Isabella for being a teacher for 40 years even if she did not need to work being the wife of a medium/small company owner.

Thanks to my mother Fernanda who does not work outside the house but has always owned screwdriver, hammer and drill and still teaches Latin and math to his grandchildren at an age of 76!

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