facebook stop

I decided not to use facebook for one month the 11/11/2012. What did I miss? This is impossible to say, since I do not know what I did miss. Was it difficult? Yes, it was a bit difficult, I had to unistall facebook from my android as the telephone was trying to show me my facebook friends and their updates even after I had logged out.
When there was flood in Tuscany, I was not following up and I used the phone to send a couple of SMS’s to friends I had not contacted by phone for ages. I must admit that during the flood time I felt a relief for not following up as – when you are on facebook – you are in several places at the same time and you are empatically involved with more than you can tackle.

If my facebook friends miss me, I cannot tell. I cannot even tell if I will log in facebook again the 11/12. Probably it is not an important choice. I am a bit proud I managed to keep my promise. I try to convince my children to make similar promises related to videogames and alike.

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