From today WordPress.com/WordAds runs on my homepage www.letiziajaccheri.org

It is an attempt to enter the world of adds to understand it and try to capitalize from knowledge sharing going through different channels than publishers and councils. I applied more than one month ago. “You’re part of an exclusive group of sites that have been approved into the WordAds Beta.” says the email that approves my application. Does anybody have experience with WordAds?

4 thoughts on “WordAds”

    1. thanks for your feedback. tell me more about what you do not like. is it the layout of the ad? is it the fact that I try to earn something from what I write? should I rather collect the material of my courses in books and ask students to pay and let all money go to publishers? .ps ciao DD!


  1. I understand about getting money from blogging. I think it is a swell idea. The ad itself isn’t that bad, but WordPress should actually have word advertisements instead of vids-kind of like adsense.


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