Lean out?

Ten years ago we read Lean In. Now this https://video.corriere.it/cronaca/approfondimenti/vita-altrove-donne-che-dicono-basta/11c368ea-b826-11ed-8bae-9fdc85b635ee

interesting video in Italian by Corriere della Sera about women who quit. From Sheryl Sandberg to Susan Wojcicki, why do excellent women 50+ quit? And why in Italy of the 52.000 resignments in 2021, 71% are women?

I do not know the causes, but I have an hypothesis that trying to address the gender gap by intervening on young children may be ineffective. The question should be more and more “how to retain” and not only “how to recruit”.

I my case, I notice that – without comparing me to Sandberg or Wojcicki, I doubt more of my ability to know and to evolve as a teacher and research leader than my male peers. If I despare that AI has disrupted and will disrupt software engineering mthods, I hear my peers saying “it is only a wave, it will pass”.

And would I continue to struggle with research questions and project reports if I had the millions of dollars of Sheryl and Susan? Or would I rather dedicate my time and resources to causes that may interest (and worry) me more than software engineering? So while I do not blame the women who lean out, I will not tell you the answer of what I would do, I tell the question and I challenge you all, female and male with the same one.

Soon is 8th March. I will celebrate the 7th in Trondheim at DnB, take the night train to Oslo to celebrate the 50 women in tech in Norway, and then to Bergen on the 9th.

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