Books of Autumn and Christmas 2022 #Bellegueule #Tolstoj #Perrin #Honeyman #Verne #Jansson #Culicchia #Desiati

I wish all a good 2023, for me I wish many good books. I write down what I have read since the summer since I had not blogged about books this Autumn. Since I read on kindle, listen on google play, and borrow from the library, I need to write down here.

So, now I am reading Farla finita con Eddy Bellegueule, Edouard Louis which is very very good. I have observed similar episodes and attitudes my self. While the school and we academic people talk about inclusion, many many people live in poverty, and worst in hate. I like the book so much, that is why I get the energy to write down this blog post, so I will not forget.


Juleminner – (fineste julefortellingene fra kjente og kjære forfattere som Alf Prøysen, Asbjørnsen og Moe, Charles Dickens, Leo Tolstoj, H. C. Andersen, og Elsa Beskow) lovely especially the one by Tolstoj – I never reflected on the fact he was pacifist and had written children stories. I have borrowed in the library but I want to buy this book and read each year.

Il quaderno dell’amore perduto, Valérie Perrin – I had not liked the previous one (Cambiare l’acqua ai fiori), as I did not understand what is new. Now I understand, she writes about very destructive family relations, so destructive that they kill each other. Not very uplifting.


Le nostre vite, Francesco Carofiglio, I did not finish, you will not believe it but I bought thinking it was Gianrico and then while reading I was thinking, Oh my God, what did he write? not good at all.

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine: Gail Honeyman – well written, I did not love it, but I read it with pleasure.


Jules Verne, Viaggio al Centro della Terra

Jules Verne, Dalla Terra alla Luna

French books I have to read them in Italian. I read Jules Verne or other classic books for children when I need a break from strong feelings and adult life.

Chiara Gamberale, Il libro o la gallina, awful. I felt cheated to buy such a short and shallow book. I had liked her before, but not this one!

September and August

Småtrollene og den store oversvømmelse Tove Jansson, lovely Moomin!

Trollvinter Tove Jansson, Moomin is about family, frienship, inclusion, I also saw the whole series on TV

Kometen kommer, Tove Jansson

Giuseppe Culicchia Sicilia o cara – lovely lovely lovely. It is like travelling to Sicily, to Torino, I listened in audio book. I will listen again.


Spatriati (Supercoralli) Mario Desiati – I liked very much, I saw many similarities in the fragments of conversations I hear on planes and airports and cafe’s when the young expats talk.

Min skyld en historie om frigjøring – Abid Raja – it is good but in some points and especially in the end it becomes – as we say in Norwegian – for mye av det gode.

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