Venerdi 8 Maggio Seminario Gender @unipisa

Il seminario e’ aperto a tutti, iscriviti su

genderstudy1img (002)
If you wonder about the bird, it has been made by artist Irene Dominguez in the context of Kodeløypa. Kodeløypa is a framework for coding for children, that I initiated in 2014 and it is organized by Kristin Karlsen at NTNU, well published in scientific venues, thanks to Sofia, Michail, Kshitij, and others, see f.e. Exploring children’s learning experience in constructionism-based coding activities through design-based research, S Papavlasopoulou, MN Giannakos, L Jaccheri, Computers in Human Behavior 99, 415-427 

and many more papers

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