how does it feel to get older @ntnu #trondheim

Getting older is a tabu, expecially for women, expecially for Italian women. You never see a woman with grey hair in Italian TV, unless it an old lady in a movie. I went for a lunch alone in the main cantine of the university and instead of thinking of the many work challenges, I was thinking that sometimes I went for a lunch alone 30 years ago when I was an exchange student, in the same cantine of the same university. At that time the cantine was quite dark, the students were almost all blond and white, they were playing cards and smoking sigarettes and had a light in their eyes while discussing lively.
Today most of the students were quite dark, a lot of Italian people, Chinese, other nationalities, some few blond ones. The cantine is painted light blue. It is a priviledge to get older. It is a proviledge to get older in a cantine full of students from all the world who have the same lively light in their eyes.

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