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I have spent 6 days in Tromsø. I worked with professor Gunnar Hartvigsen, professor Erik Årsand, professor Audny Anke,  PhD student Woldaregay, Ashenafi Zebene, PhD student Pietro Randine and Juan Carlos Torrado Vidal.

I had lunch and discussions with the three female faculty of the Department: Randi Karlsen, Anne Håkansson, Chiara Bordin. Anne was employed in 2018 and Chiara in 2019. The department has had an increase of 220% of female scientific personnel, if you count me in 20% since 1.1.2019.

I saw six movies:
Fenomen (about music and Lofoten)
ANGELS ON DIAMOND STREET (about poor people and refugees in US)
Lyset fra sjokolade fabrikk (about relationships between Norwegian women)
Macho Dictatorship (about disequality between women and men in Italy)
iHuman (about AI and partly China)
Little Women (about life)

I loved Little Women, I liked Macho and Lyset very much. The athmosfere of TIFF is fantastic. At the department of CS at UiT, they are doing a great job with research and recruiting.


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