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From 1.1.2020 I will be part of the board of Informatics Europe and lead the Women in Informatics Research and Education (WIRE) Working Group.
Today I will work all day to make a plan for WIRE activities and to prepare a meeting with ELSEVIER. I read this 100 pages document Gender in the global research landscape.

Some quotes from the report “One study finds that only 13% of highly cited authors in 2014 were women; this number varies by discipline, from 3.7%
in engineering to 31% in the social sciences.”

It is a big honor and responsibility to lead such an activity at European level. It fits very well other activities in the IDUN project. I have been thinking about the combination of Informatics and gender for several decades now. Still there are so many things I do not know and so many feelings I have to overcome while working on these issues. First difficulty:  all my past and present work mistakes and failures become so visible to me when I try to work to facilitate other ones to succeed. Second difficulty: gender  work is a topic many people (even scientists!)  have a lot of opinions without having much knowledge.  Let’s go. .ps thanks to John Krogstie who lets me represent IDI in Informatics Europe


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