#IDUN #advice #scientific reciprocal uplifting

I feel uplifted when someone asks me for advice or simply share her challenges. Not because I like people to be in trouble and confused. No, I do not like it. Not because I think I can solve other people’s problems. No, I cannot solve the problems of anyone. But because, if I try to lift other people up, I also feel uplifted. And I have a reason to wear my magical white wool coat, I cannot feel down when I’m wearing it.
Now we also have the IDUN project. Professor Vivian Lagesen told in our board meeting yesterday about their Balance project, the best of the project was having the project. It has taken me 24 hours to understand. Yes, the best of IDUN will be to have the project and use it as a tool for scientific reciprocal uplifting.

Selfie taken in Torino in 2018

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