4 thoughts on “the #world with and without @GretaThunberg”

  1. I have started feeling uncomfortable with this way of looking at Greta phenomena! We, I am talking about we who has been exposed to “science and research” world, should know it very good that how important it is to break down complicated topics, look at it very rationally, use evident-based reasoning, avoid logical fallacies and so on. The way environmental debate is evolving around Greta is taking the train out of this systematic-scientific approach and makes it more kind of religious rhetoric with a “holy” messenger sitting in the middle who people should either love the messenger or hate her! People from both sides are focusing too much on the messenger than the message itself! We should all cool down, get to the message itself, break it down and find a scientific-rational solution for a very complicated issue!

    Cheers, Mohsen


    1. Mohsen! thanks for taking time to read and comment my blog, it means a lot to me. I agree with you that we should look at the content and we researchers should use time, head to look into these problems. But don’t you agree with me that the people who hate Greta are haters? I love this girl because she gives her life to us and convince us to reflect. I do not believe uncritically everything she says, no. .ps you and I are not totaly engineers either 🙂 .pps miss you at idi


  2. Those who hates her are ridiculous, no doubt! But those who don’t love her do not necessary hate her! I, personally, have respect for her, and I am glad that her movement have taken the attention to this important issue of our time! But still I take the right for myself to criticize her message or her rhetoric if I find some flaws in it! And I hope the landscape do not become so polarized that those who have some true criticism don’t dare to bring it up because of pressure from her proponents! This is what I loved about academic world, we could criticize a research, even if it was written by a very well-respected professor!
    P.S: I miss you and IDI too.

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    1. thanks again, I have been thinking about what you wrote and it made effect on me. It is good that somebody like you neither love or hate her so we can be more constructive. personally I love the movement not only for the nature but also for the culture as I love to see young people in the streets together instead than in fron of the computer alone or shopping stupid things.


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