#Educated @tarawestover

You read Knausgård, you read Ferrante and you think that you will never find a book that is better than My Struggle or Neapolitan Novels. But then it happens again. I saw it first in a book shop in Trondheim. Educated addresses classical themes: religion, mental health, family, and gender. Tara Westover addresses these themes in such an innovative and, yes, educated way, that I would like to stop all my activities to read all the references she references to, I would like to travel to Idaho, to see how people live, to check if still there are no black people and children who do not go to school. I experience some inconsistencies in the book, like she drives when she is 15, or worst the descriptions of the physical deaseases, like brains coming out of the head, but it is a novel and even if it is a memoir, I do not complain about this. A fantastic book, a fantastic journey, congratulations Tara Westover.
.ps as when I read Knausgård I wonder how such a book can become a best seller because when I read I think that only me can understand.

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