aging with happiness #faceboost #memory

As one gets older, the conversations address more and more the theme of getting older. I am blessed with a good memory. my first memories go back to November 1966 when I was not even 2 years. I graduated when I was 22 years and 360 days. I have now worked for more than 30 years. I do not feel particulary clever nor brave. I am in fact afraid of many things, I am afraid when I think something negative can happen to my sons, to my family, to the planet.
I am not afraid of becoming old. I enjoy when young people become more clever than me and if I feel a wave of gelosy or nostalgy I try to convince me that I have to be happy.
I am not afraid to look older, I do not criticize those who try with all possible tools to remain younger, I am in fact a proud co-founder of faceboost and I struggle with the weight scale, the running, the training to stay under 60 Kg.
However I do not care about my own wrinkles and white hair. In fact I think I have too few white hair. I have been laughing a lot in life, I am blessed with good sense of humor, too. For the future, I wish to laugh even more, criticize less, and say more no.


2 thoughts on “aging with happiness #faceboost #memory”

    1. Leti
      Thanks Letizia for your wise thinking, and for shareing. I agree with you about not fearing the ‘outer’ ageing, it might even be more beautiful then youth these days. I’m more conserned about time running faster and faster, days-weeks-years… It’s like xmas was just here, but also very soon coming up again! Wish you can share som thougts and advises of that.


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