#ipitchina #Nanjing #Huawei

today it was even better, see the detail of our program is here. the temperature dropped from 30 C to 10 C and it was almost storm, but we did not care. The day started with a good breakfast. I do not even look at the bread, ham, cheese. Soup, and vegetables and everything eaten with the sticks from breakfast to dinner. Then we went to a startup (100 employees) and then to the research center of Huawei (10000 employees). After that we visited the old town and then dinner with the students. They invited us to eat dinner with them. Now the students and the young researchers are in the bar. I sit here and do some work (only the emails that I really have to process) and I think that the world is amazing and that I want to come back here in Spring 2020. There are two mistakes: the first 2 pictures were taken in Shanghai 2 days ago. The second mistake you should find yourself.

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