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2019-04-04 12.52.11.jpg

Is there anybody who does not dream to see the world? I have, like Tappetina, always been dreaming to see the world, those who knows me for decades can confirm. However, I have spent weeks, months, years in a small place called Ila going back and forth between kindergarden, school, footbal matches, some bike rides to NTNU, and flights to Tirrenia.

This Spring 2019, the next two months, I have many plans. China (for the IPIT project), Italy, Canada, US, Russia. There will be a lot of mistakes, I have for example already  managed to print business cards without email nor telephone number. May be I will not manage, who know? In any case, I am ready. I bring with me Tappetina in Chinese and More women in Informatics. I am looking forward, not good for CO2 emissions, I know.

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