How about going to China from Nora

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“How about going to China?
Hi there! I am Nora, a master’s student in Computer Science (Datateknologi) at NTNU. Going abroad to study was a terrifying idea for me! I still get lost walking around Realfagsbygget after five years. Imagine how lost I would get walking around in foreign lands. Scary, scary! I figured if I ever was to go abroad I should at least go somewhere where they speak English so that I can ask for help when I get lost. Well, that is not exactly how things turned out. I am now in China without Google Maps!

The process of applying to Nanjing University was not difficult. I attended an IPIT meeting by chance where I was shown beautiful pictures of China. The night I got home, inspired by the meeting, I wrote my application. Shortly after applying, I was contacted by Letizia and asked to come along…

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