25.3.1998 #Eirik #firstson #work #life the snow of March – red winter suit of size 60

When the snow in March develops its soft consistency, it  reminds me of the 24th of March. It was the first morning I was not working nor going to school since 1970. The day that should have been the first of 3 weeks preparation to the birth of my first son, I went to town and I bought clothes for my baby. I remember very clearly that I bought, among other things, a red winter suit of size 60. Norwegian people do not often comment how I look like but an old man, unknown one, but surely a doctor, told me in the street – where are you going in this weather? you will have your baby soon.
I did my shopping and went home. In the evening I told to Geir – now I have to go to IDI to collect a paper I have sent to the printer from here. Geir replied – are you sure?
I did not reply for a while but then I said – No we go to the hospital.
Eirik was born the day after, 25.3.1998. When I went to NTNU with him a couple of weeks later, the paper was still in the copy room.

I write about me as it would be embarassing for a 21 years old young bright man to see pictures of him as a baby, in his red winter suit of size 60 attached to his facebook profile. I write about me, in hope to be of help of other people. You could say that I have worked too much. I do not regret that I have worked many hours, many days, many years. The only things I regret in life is that I have been unkind to anyone and to me. If things go well or bad, it cannot be intepreted by how many hours, days, years the mother has worked.

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