#words #beautiful #lorenzomarone #books #fuckperfect @LorenzoMarone

words are important. the older we become the more we have to pay attention to use beautiful words, words that mean something beautiful. otherwise we can shut up. I have tried to read Lorenzo Marone, La tentazione di essere felici. The author has won a Strega that is the most prestigiuos Italian prize in literature (as far as I know). I could not finish the book, as words like “puzzo” (stink), and toilet, and toilet paper are used too many times. I could not finish the book as the female char, mistreated by her husband, needs the help of an old man to save herself. The theme is important but narrated in a way that is not beautiful for me. I also do not accept that the 80 years old hero and saver is “using” a prostitute for many years. But what are beautiful words? Fuck perfect. Nothing is perfect. I want to read what I like.

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