Best Practices in Education Award, Informatics Europe

I have said yes to chair the committee for European Best Practices in Education Award.
This year the focus will be: Inclusive education. Informatics education targeting students such as the elderly, immigrants, or disabled people. This can cover a variety of initiatives going from robotics to e-accessibility techniques.
If you have suggestions contact me by email. If you wonder why I work on a Sunday morning and I say yes to initiatives like this, the answer is NOT that I want to improve my CV. I want to learn new things and work with good people and I have a hope to give a microscopic contribution to the world. This is my unstrategic strategy.
I have started to understand that we have used a lot of energy to convince the best students to study Informatics and to make the best ones even better. It could not be more timely to look at initiatives like this Award that try to identify who is struggling to include those whom we have not considered the best ones. Let’s go.

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