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From 1.1.2019 I am Adjunct Professor at UiT – The Artic University of Tromsø. I am associated with the excellent  MI&T group, directed by professor Professor Gunnar Hartvigsen. The group has a long record of successful projects, including the SFI Research-Based Innovation in Telemedicine and eHealth Systems for Chronic, Age, & Lifestyle related Diseases

My responsibilities will be what I like most: supervision of students from master and PhD level with focus on software and inclusion. Tromsø is 1390 Km north from Trondheim, which is in turn 1446 north of Berlin, to give you an idea. I keep my professor position at NTNU and try to intensify cooperation. When we live in such a small (and big country) we have to multiply efforts. I am particulary proud that UiT apreciates my work for recruiting, retaining and mentoring girls. The fact is that the young women (and  young men) are mentoring me.


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