#lykkeland #nrk #norway

I enjoyed the Norwegian series Lykkeland, I just saw the last episode. I regard it as the best Norwegian series ever.  I liked the clothes, the interior, the characters. Not least, I liked the message, it is about how Norwegian people and politicians managed to keep the richness generated by the oil inside Norway. It is because of those decisions that you and I are able to go on vacation several times each year, that our children go to good Universities without paying a penny, that each child goes to dentist without paying,  … that we have the welfare state.

Now, you will call me socialist, naïf, Norgespatriot. I will not delete the post. I think that we should be able to do similar choices with the new oil (knowledge, software, data): we must fight not to give everything to the International companies but try to re-invest most of the knowledge in the country.



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