diary – #research will save research

At NxtMedia I learned that journalism is alive and that journalism will save journalism. I also learned that the articles that receive less attention are those about past. Yesterday I read a Ferrante’s book, I giorni dell’Abbandono. I had such a nostalgy for Torino that I could smell the smell  of the Po and Valentino’s park. I wonder how Elena Ferrante knows so much about Politecnico. Many details about the ex husband who in the book is a Politecnico professor, reveals knowledge about the institution and its role in Torino.

Yesterday I visited Reidar Conradi. Reidar is still Reidar. 60% of the time he talks about future, research, climate challenges. He writes on white pieces of paper and has a lot of newspapers in front of him. I told him that he is in better shape now than when he was at IDI the last days. He told me – may be I will live 100 years. When I visit Reidar I think about the future, and that hard work and research will save research.  I am also very grateful that Reidar believed in me, I could not even write in English when I first met him.

2018-11-17 19.07.01.jpg

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