Mission Completed #ECSS_2018 @INFORMATICS_EU

I have contributed to the success of another conference IE ECSS and participated to the wire meeting. Next year conference will be at Pontificia Università Lateranense.

Socially Responsible Informatics

Roma, 28-29-30 October 2019 Program Co-Chairs: Elisabetta Di Nitto (Politecnico di Milano & Informatics Europe), Paola Mello (Univ. Bologna)
(to be completed)

General Co-Chairs: Enrico Nardelli (Univ. Roma Tor Vergata & Informatics Europe), Paolo Atzeni (Univ. Roma Tre), Gianfranco Basti (PUL-IRAFS), Alessandro Mei (Univ. Roma Sapienza



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