Honorable Mention Note 

Leo con lula, introducing global reading methods to children with ASD

J Gomez, L Jaccheri, JC Torrado, G Montoro
Proceedings of the 17th ACM Conference on Interaction Design and Children – Honorable Mention Note


For first time in my life I get a Honorable Mention Note  You could say that I did not need because I am a professor, I am 53 years old, and I should be thinking about how to conclude and leave space to young people. Those who know me, hopefully know that I think about young people a lot, trying to show them possibilities in computing, internationalization, research, and the importance of  friendly cooperation. I think of the young pupils who come to Kodeløypa, the students in EiT, the master students, the PhD, the postdocs.

Sometimes I think about me and not always in the same positive way as I think about the other ones, and this is not good, neither for me, nor for those in my generation, expecially female ones. Who will empower middle age women to become better teachers and researchers and mentors and not least human beings so that they can empower young girls and boys? I have never seen questions like this addressed.

You could say that I do not deserve this prize, as Javier and the Spanish team have done 99% of the work.

I may not deserve this prize, but I needed it, as a recognition for all the times I have fighted to keep people, not least somebody will remeber that I had to defend hard the cv of Javier when we selected the ERCIM winners during the 2017 round, and I was department head and I almost wanted to give up, not to bring water to my mill. Fortunately I did not give up.

Thanks Javier for joing the team, for sharing the Leo con Lula Work, for being such a positive player in our group. And congratulations to both you, me, and the rest of the team.

4 thoughts on “Honorable Mention Note ”

  1. Thank you Letizia for being a role model for more people than I think you are aware of. You deserve this. And a lot lot lot more!


  2. “You could say that I did not need because I am a professor, I am 53 years old, and I should be thinking about how to conclude and leave space to young people”: Dear Letizia allow me to suggest that you may have looked up the wrong set of laws. Your statement may be compliant with gas laws; indicating that gas tend to expand to fill the space available. I do not believe that these law are applicable to human soceiety. Rather human society is enriched by individual endeavours to add value. There are no limitations to the expansion of the shared pie of mankind.


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