Customer Driven Project @ntnu @jenteprosjektet @informatics_eu #softwareengineering #computerscience #weLead

We work to prepare Customer Driven Project 2018. Without doing any specific actions, it seems that I will have 5 teaching assistants (PhD and master level), all female (and all excellent) and one project coordinator (Kristin Karlsen) also female. I wonder if there are several teaching teams at Gløshaugen and in other International Computer Science departments with seven women in the teaching team?

Since we need several assistants, things can change in the Autumn stay tuned. Lemei Zhang will be the coordinator for the assistants and my deputy when/if I am away. I was employed in 1997 as a step of the newely initiated project Jenter og Data, now Ada. Soon I will become redundant! Hopefully.


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