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Italy chooses Giuseppe Conte, professor with excellent cv (as it is said in the Italian press) and no political experience as Prime Minister. This would never happen in Norway, professors have – as far as I experience – little power and influence. We are not even asked to sit in the board of small or bigger companies.  According to google scholar Conte has 3000 citations, it would be average for a professor in my field, but I am not qualified to evaluate the cv of a professor of law. Let us hope he does a good job. I am not qualified either to explain (or understand) Cinque Stelle + Lega Nord.

3 thoughts on “#Professor #PrimeMinister #news from #Italy @Universitetavis @Adresseavisa”

  1. italy choose parties.. the boss of the party choose him.. we do not know yet if the president would agree.. this is not democracy at all.. i would not say Italy choose.. but.. as you said i did not understand what Italy is now and if they represent Italians.. maybe yes .

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