EiT 2018

EiT 2018

  • Group 2 worked on a challenge given by Espen Aamot Pettersen.
  • Group 1 worked on the Tappetina challenge given by me and Javier Gomez – see the video below.
  • Group 3 worked on the Sudan Knowledge challenge for Haitham Mohamed Uthman.

Thanks to customers Espen, Javier, Haitham, to all students, Ilias, and to Kshitij Sharma for the interesting presentation about Tappetina Empathy.

Thanks NTNU for giving us EiT and making us into social innovators and changers. Thanks to Espen Aamot Pettersen for his engagement, I will also help him, I will fly from Ghana if he calls me. Thanks NTNU for employing Letizia Jaccheri and Ilias Pappas.” This is the nicest sentence I have heard in my working life. Thanks Kwaku Peprah

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