#facebook #nocomments #nolike #nopost #10days

Yesterday I found a racist poston a facebook group that I loved (Pisani) and I unsubscribed. Then,  I wrote a post that was my way to decrease sadness by commenting the hair of a great Norwegian skier who has been in my TV for all the years and had quitted and I was arrested with a comment that depressed me. “This has nothing to do with hair, this is sad”, said the comment. I had tried to be light and funny but the message was sad. This is sad. Most sad, recently I reported to facebook a “friend” who was posting among other things, small dead fosters to “convince” against abort. This is too much. Think of the poor people who have in their life  choosen abort. Even if the state allows and forgiveness is found somewhere, does facebook has to torture these poor souls? No.

It is a pity because facebook has been a good tool for me to overcome nostalgy and to nurture cross cultural understanding. Nothing lasts for ever. We will find new ways. I go #facebook #nocomments #nolike #nopost for 10 days, then we will see. Take care, if you tag me, I will not accept on the tagline, do not be sad, do not be worried. I live and try to think. Arrivederci for now.

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