Shikine #Japan #ERCIM #grateful #Tappetina #ARTEC

Nobumitsu SHIKINE from the Entertainment Computing Lab lead by professor Junichi HOSHINO is visiting ARTEC and IDI. This research is also led by professor Toshimasa YAMANAKA (Kansei Science Lab). Shikine will give a lecture and demonstrates his NOVELICA tool at the Tappetina workshop. Moreover he will give a scientific lecture at NTNU (to be announced).
NOVELICA is a game to make people forget their negative feelings on mathematics. Dr. Javier Gomez Escribano (ERCIM fellow) will supervise Shikine. .ps I am so grateful to work with these young motivated people that want to come here from all around the world.
2018-02-05 10.01.59.jpg

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