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ITIP VECTOR LOGO final #1 Transparent lines - FOR WEB 130 pix WIDE - 19 mayMy grandmother used to say many sayings that still supervise and amuse me. One was this “bada al di la’ del tu’ naso”. It means “look beyond your nose”. 

We look at China and US. Read this article The real reason a Chinese university has beaten MIT in the engineering rankings. U.S. News & World Report‘s ranking of global universities by subject area, released that for the first time, the ranking names a Chinese university as the world’s best university for engineering. You may say it is quantity, you may say rankings are not important, I say we should look beyond our nose.

I am very proud  that we start a cooperation program under the auspice of NFR INTPART with  Tsinghua University (that has been recently ranked over MIT), Georgia Institute of Technology, and Nanjing University.

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