A grateful normal professor

From today I am a normal professor. My plan is to do my job in a simple and good way. I want to teach my courses, supervise master and PhD and postdoctoral students and write papers with them, and follow the projects that are already started. I want to try to acquire new projects, but I promise I will never cry or be offended for a rejection or for a rude comment.
I was born in the right side of the world, I was able to get a permanent job in the richest country in the world when I was 30 years, I am surrounded by clever and nice people. I am grateful and if the urge of complaining will assault me I hope I will read this post again.
It has taken me many years to learn to be grateful about all this.
I do not have an office yet and I feel already I miss my colleagues in the leader group and the dean, and above all the people in the Idi administration I have been working each day with.
But I have two courses to teach (Customer Driven Project and Experts in Team), master and research students and projects (looking forward to the Social Innovation Event). I also want to follow Kodeløypa more. I also have new ideas, some of them will be rejected, may be one or two will be liked.
I am a grateful normal professor

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