SOCIAL INNOVATION EVENT – TRONDHEIM #call for experts, mentors and jury @ntnu

Social innovation is about implementation of new solutions (both technological products and processes) that address global problems.  We are organizing  the first SOCIAL INNOVATION EVENT – TRONDHEIM in collaboration with Horizon 2020 Socratic and  Autism association 

Phase 1: Thursday 24 August 2017

Phase 2: Friday 8  & Saturday 9 September 2017

We are looking for experts, mentors, and jury who want to contribute with their expertize to give small inspiring lectures and/or acting as mentors during the event.

Mentors and experts will offer training in social innovation and entrepreneurship, and will have a chance to become part of an upstarting International network of social innovation experts and researchers.

If you are interested to participate, send an email to Ilias O. Pappas with your motivation and your background before 1st July 2017. We seek people who have background and interest in innovation and entrepreneurship and/or programming and making and/or social good and volunteering work.

Sustainable Development Goals_E_Final sizes

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