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Thanks for 2016 and hope for the best for everybody

People say that time passes quickly. I luckily believe the opposite. So many things have happened in 2016 in my private and work life. I use to say that the perfect life is to work in Norway and have vacation in Italy, my close friend Luca Passani used to say that you should go to Italy after four o clock each day. Even if not possible to go each day, I go often to Italy and other nice places. Moreover, at my work place, IDI, there are many persons from very different nationalities and cultures that it is like to be in Norway, but at the same time in South Europe, or Asia, or many other countries.

I have always had my strangeness in my head, with too many novels, computer programs and papers that I had never not fully understood the consequences of the big events that have shaped our life: Vietnam, Red Brigade, Mafia killings, Cold War, Gulf War, Chernobyl, September 11,  Obama, the new Pope. It is like I recognize these events many years after they happened.

However, I have a feeling that the events of 2016: Brexit, Triumph, assassination of Turkish ambassador, and the many immigrants coming or not being able to come to Europe are very important and will have big impact. While I read A strangeness in my Mind by Pamuk, I understand how lucky I am, compared to people who were born in the same period as me and who have not get education, nor proper health care, not to talk about work possibilities. I am grateful. Thanks Thanks. While I thank for my health, my family and my job, and the great luckiness to be born in the right part of the world in the right time, I observe the world through my somehow limited eyes and I hope for the best. We should not only hope but try to contribute positively.It turned into a quite serious post. I wish all my readers a happy and aware 2017. May you be supporter for at least one other individual than yourself.

I close blog season 2016. I hope you like my post, if not do not read them, I love you anyway. Happy new year. Thanks for this year.

Letizia – Tappetina – Doormaid – Dørfruen


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