Linn Ullmann – De urolige

Because of the Little Doormaid and a lot of work in the last days I had not blogged about books for a while. I have read Linn Ullmann’s De urolige in Norwegian. Some passages are poetic and the idea of transcribing the interviews with her father is good.

But. I was not able to finish the book because at a certain point the only message I was getting was “my father was Bergmann” “my mother is Liv Ullman” “my mother was the most beautiful woman in the world” “I have nine siblings” “my father was Bergmann” etc. . I understand that it must take a whole life and more than that to absorbe such an inheritance but I had enought. The connections to Trondheim,  mother town of her mother are minimal. She writes of an apartment in Skjalgssons gt. and I am not sure if she means the apartment is in Trondheim or in Oslo. Anyway, I would dream to be able to write as well as Linn Ullman, but for this time I did not finish the book.


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