#Datateknologi, #grades and #me E’ meglio un ciu’o vivo che un dottore morto

This picture taken from newspaper DN shows that Datateknologi (Computer Science) is the 19th most difficult program to enter in Norway. Students need at least average of marks of 5,5 (out of 6) and that there are 295 students in waiting list.

While I am proud as IDI’s department head and professor, as a person I have never liked so much focus on marks. It can be because I never had such good marks my self. I exited high school with 50 out of 60 (so I would never had been admitted to datateknologi my self)  and computer science with 103 out of 110. I dislike the fact that the Norwegian system does not have marks at ground school (1-7 grades) and then suddenly there are grades in low middle schools (8-10) that have impact on the future and on the self esteem of young individuals. I wish all young individuals an happy life and welcome to the students who choose #datateknologi. You are the best!

My grandmother used to say “E’ meglio un ciu’o vivo che un dottore morto”.
Skjermbilde 2016-07-20 10.41.54

5 thoughts on “#Datateknologi, #grades and #me E’ meglio un ciu’o vivo che un dottore morto”

  1. Strålende nyheter – og jeg følger dine kommentarer.

    MVH, Mads – Konferanseleder i Innsbruck denne uken;
    HPCS 2016 – 14th International Conference on High Performance Computing & Simulation.


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