Be proud to be an #immigrant

Be proud to be an #immigrant, you were able to adapt, make friends, find a job, a place to live, to grow. Are you a professor, a cleaner, a director, a job seeker, a nurse, does not matter, be proud and do not care of what they say.

Signora sulla spiaggia (SSS): Avete anche voi in Norvegia il problema degli immigranti? Lady on the beach: Do you also have problems with immigrants in Norway, too?
Io: Gli emigranti come me in Norvegia lavorano per mandare avanti il paese. I : The emigrants like me in Norway work to advance the country.
SSS: No ma tu non sei emigrante… Lady (a bit red in her face): No but you are not an emigrant …
Io: Si sono emigrante anche io I : Yes I am an emigrant

2 thoughts on “Be proud to be an #immigrant”

  1. Ben detto Letizia. Well said!
    I too have experienced a world of ignorance when it comes to immigration. A few years ago while I was waiting for the bus, close to where I live, I was approached by one woman who did ask for the time. Very respectfully I replied the time in English at which point she asked me where I was from. From Italy I replied. The woman quickly followed with: “What do you do here in Trondheim?”. My answer was initially that I was there to work…but the reply, clearly, was not enough, “What do you do?” she asked. I then replied “I am an Engineer working for an engineering company here in town”. To my surprise she concluded “Ah…you are allright then!”. That answer left me pretty much speechless (for those of you who know me, it does not happen very often) but in the end I was glad I got her approval!

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