Women in leadership positions at NTNU – Interview with Monica Rolfsen @ntnu

NTNUs nye økonomifakultet nytilsatt dekan Monica Rolfsen – jeg gratulerer og finner frem min intervju med Monica fra Januar 2015

Letizia Jaccheri


I visit Monica in her office at the 13th floor of one of the high blocks at Gløshaugen, beautiful view and nice office. I start with the question How do you understand leadership? I have printed the interview with Gunnar Bovim that I share with Monica and I add that I would like to have focus on the role of economy in the leadership question. Interview with Monica Rolfsen.

This is the second interview of an interview series about leadership in  the context of IDI’s leadership development program for women. The first interview is with Gunnar Bovim.

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