Video project @concitadeg #CosaPensanoLeRagazze @repubblicait @ntnu

One of my favourite journalists and authors, Concita De Gregorio leads a addictive media project that aims at giving an overview of what Italian girls and women think and do. They take professional interviews and they also invite people to send their own videos. I sent my video and I am proud that it has been published with a poetic text – she brings Italy in her heart and that NTNU is mentioned. The project is connected to Italian newspaper la repubblica.

I have received many messages from friends and relatives in Italy and those emigrated abroad. My mother also managed to see the video from her smart phone, not bad for a woman who will be 80 this year. Very funny that she is still herself and she commented “Thank’s God you put at least lipstick.” For many years it was disappointing for me that she was more interested in my clothes, hair, and make up (that she believes are awful!), than my grades and qualifications but now I think it is ok, so at least I remember lipstick and to to the hairdress even when there is far too much to do at work.

This should remind us that we are different and we cannot expect our children to be like us when it comes to make up, phd, political views etc. I enclose picture of my mother and sisters – we must admit my mother has the best hairstyle.




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