Between Gambling and serious games @ntnu @NorskTippingAS

My notes after Meeting With Norsk Tipping: interesting and professional. The main lesson learnt is that NT gives back to the Norwegian society 5 billions of Norwegian Kr. for the purpose of culture, sport, and social activities.

The main idea for our Cooperation  is a community of students and researchers for substainable, positive, social, responsable, ethic, open, development of games for the purpose of developing new knowledge, products, companies, and skills in gaming.

Nils Kalstad Svendsen and I will set up a plan for making such community possible.

I would like to propose a workshop for ICEC 2016 about Between Gambling and serious games. Here I need to talk more with NT.

After the Meeting I talked to my friend/colleague Laura Giarre’ who is a MIT now and she suggests we connect to MIT Sandbox. I am grateful that she promises to help in this.


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