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Once I saw a map about the world seen by New Zealand.

I have recently published on this blog a post about what IDI wishes for IDI in relation to the merge.This is a follow up. Concerning the faculty structure (see document 1) we wish to have on the map a solution that is an hybrid between K2 and K3. We wish a K3 for which IKT is one box. There are a set of advantages with this solution.

  1. there would be a one to one mapping between Information and Communication Technology (ICT norsk IKT) and the organizational unit, see in relation to Research Council of Norway and EU, IT companies.
  2. this solution would accommodate better the fusion partners. given that computer science units are quite strong at HiG, Hist, and Hiaa, the partnets would see a natural new organizational unit to belong to.

With this statement I do not mean that IDI wants this solution but that IDI wants this solution to be considered as one possible solution to be discussed. Note that now in document 1, page 11 there is a box with (IKT, matematikk, elektroteknikk). Our proposed alternative is a modification for which a box is IKT.

Relevant documents

  1. Comments and suggestions on different concepts for the academic organizational structure
  2. Fusjonsplattform

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