ICEC 2015 @ntnu #entertainment #computing #computergames #counterstrike

ICEC 2015. 21 days to go. 145 registered. in the meantime we had to make an agreement with one of our sons that the main PC he uses for playing games, mainly counter strikes has to be demounted during the weekdays. De-mount-ed. Screens in one room, CPU and the whole cabinet in another. It happens that in the weekend I sleep with the power adapter of the wireless router under my pillow after that my naive parental controls have been broken, like a piece of cake.

If I do not connect this post to facebook, it will be ok, sons do not check the blog of their mother, I believe. I have spent some time to learn about counter strikes. I must admit that I know less than I thought I knew about computer games. We look at the positive side of life, also because we want to get funding. The goal of this project is to render adolescents addicted to games so they will not exercise, or do their homework, or connect to their family. Grant not granted. Counter-strike has 8,169,034 unique players last month. Oh my God so little we know about all this.

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