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IDI vil arbeide for å styrke sin identitet som et samlet institutt innen Computer Science, og være en sentral medspiller i organiseringen av Computer Science feltet forøvrig i det nye NTNU. Institutt for datateknologi og informatikk bør være IDIs nye navn. Vi ønsker å videreutvikle våre styrker og vårt nasjonale og internasjonale omdømme som Computer Science institutt. Dette inkluderer evnen til å få attraktive forskningsprosjekter, produsere gode forskingsresultater, samt levere gode studenter. Unikhet og komplementaritet av våre studietilbud innen datateknologi og informatikk er viktig å videreføre.

This statement has been approved by IDI’s board 31.08.2015 and it is the message that our department wants to give to NTNU and to the Norwegian society.

We understand that computer science has an important role in the merge and we have the responsibility to develop good relations to our new colleagues – and we have started with enthusiasm and positive curiosity – and concentrate our self on our scientific and education activities and not on power struggles. We are all a bit nerds at IDI and not so politically skilled so I can be criticized to be too open but openness and social media have been invented by us computer scientists so we use our tools.

It does not make sense to discuss university structure without seeing the blocks that such structure will enclose. Computer science is an important building block and we need to work for a strong and united computer science unity. If the organization unity is a faculty, a department, a cluster of centers, study programs, and departments, is not bso important. What it important is that Computer Science that we translate into Norwegian “Datateknologi og Informatikk” is taken into account as an important building block in the new NTNU.

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