Tone Åse @ntnu

Tone Åse is a NTNU colleague I have had the pelasure to cooperate a bit with and I hope to learn to know even better in the future. She is also born 24.02.1965 like and this has nothing to do with science or art but it creates a special binding that we are born the same day and that we share a passion for art and technology, me coming from technology and Tone from music.
Tone has asked me to translate this review from Italian. And here you are.I tag this as life.

The live report with photos of the concert of Bol & Snah the Druze of Bergamo
by Mario Orefice

Norway. Frozen earth and inhospitable place for quiet and reserved people. Clichés and like all cliches are regularly denied. The Norwegians are conquerors and history proves it through the exploits of the Vikings, are restless – think the scream of Munch – and are fucking heavy metal rockers, A-ha excluded …
But when it comes to rock Norwegian, beyond the black metal, it comes to Motorpsycho. And speaking of Hans Magnus Ryan, aka Snah, Motorpsycho guitarist and founding member. We already had the (big) pleasure of interviewing him here in the pages of LaMusicaRockora who is on tour in Italy with Bol, but the real pleasure was to listen live to Druso Circus of Bergamo.
The evening begins late, the hosts are the Black Mountain. Chuck Locatelli presents the self-produced EP “Chrome”. The four Bergamo heavy pounding, their is a rock hard and direct, 40 minutes a tight but very intense. Please refer to the Facebook page to learn more.
Time to order a beer at the counter and starts the trip. Bol&Snah begin to wrap you with their sounds and ample space and their jam psychedeliche.Tor Haugerud at the the battery is the the one nearest to jazz in the trio and he manages to get brushes to vibrate well skins when the music becomes more acidic. Ståle Storløkken at the keyboard is the basic sound that colors the background of the canvas on which he paints Snah clean sounds and larger and distorted sounds. Tone Åse, who is the author of the pieces, fits gently, telling stories of the greatest poets in Norway and demonstrating mastery of the knobs electronic modulators. What is surprising is that while the band improvises, we get is a sound that is well-defined, it demonstrates that that the four musicians are experienced and authentic. It seems that for them to perform on stage is like sharing a beer in a rehearsal. The tour is an opportunity to preview
The Sidewalks and Reality, evaluated very positively by the audience.

songs from the forthcoming album, The Sidewalks and Reality, songs top marks also live.

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